polyter-grp-degrade-300x57 POLYTER ®  - Polyter GRP

A recommended use for sowing, transplanting seedlings, potting plants, plantlets in vitro, pelleting plants with bare roots to protect them from drying out during transport and storage and reduce the stress of replanting.
Polyter® GRP has a fine particle size allows a good distribution in the culture media. It determines stimulation of germination and a significant multiplication of rootlets of seeds or young plants at the initial stage of their development, thus promoting conditions for good future growth.


Dry for substrates for seeding, transplanting and potting.

Dosage 2g per liter of soil In dusting plant with bare roots.

In pralinage plant with bare roots after hydration and gel transformation.

Nursery Culture

Culture hydrophilic plants.

*Regarding agricultural production of products intended for food use, operators are asked to bring administrative bodies or PODG society development or distributors in place to ensure the registration of Polyter® under their activity in their country of practice.